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Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Pipe · ASTM A790 UNS S31803 · ASTM A790 UNS S32205

Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Seamless Pipe | Duplex Stainless Steel  2205 Welded Pipe

Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Pipe Supplier | Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Pipe Manufacturer | Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Exporter

Oshwin Overseas is one of the prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe with ASTM A790 and UNS S31803 / UNS S32205. Oshwin Overseas supplies both Duplex 2205 Seamless Pipe and Duplex 2205 Welded Pipe, which are known for their durability and corrosion resistance. Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe Grades are available in various specifications, shapes and sizes like Round Pipe, Rectangle Pipe, Square Pipe, etc. 2205 Duplex Pipe of both Duplex Seamless Pipe and Duplex Welded Pipe can be offered in size range 1/8”NB up to 48”NB (Custom OD at request). Oshwin Overseas also offer a range of allied services including Cutting, Welding, Electro Polishing, Shot-Blasting and much more.

Duplex Pipe Material Grade

Grade ASTM UNS Duplex Pipe Specification Grade Type
2205 Duplex ASTM A790 UNS S31803 ASTM A790 UNS S31803 Standard Duplex
UNS S32205 ASTM A790 UNS S32205

Duplex 2205 Pipe Price
:- FOB Price: US $5000~$5500/ Ton.

2205 Duplex Pipes are useful in services such as in marine environments, brackish water, bleaching operations, closed loop water systems and some food processing applications. All Duplex 2205 Pipe with ASTM A790 S31803 and ASTM A790 S32205 are offered with a NACE 3.1 Certification, Mill Test Certification and ISO 17025 Standards by a Government of India approved Laboratory. Positive Material Identification is done on all raw materials procured at Oshwin Overseas. A lot of emphases is placed on the packing and packaging. Duplex Steel Pipes both Duplex 2205 Seamless Pipe and Duplex 2205 Welded Pipe are packed in wooden corrugated boxes foiled in plastic wraps and bubble wraps.

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Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe Specification:-

Standard / Specifications : ASTM A790 / ASME SA790 (A790 UNS S31803 / sa 790 s31803 / ASTM A790 s31803 / SA 790 UNS S31803).

Grades : EN 1.4462 / UNS S31803 (F51) / UNS S32205 (F60).

Types of Pipes : Seamless / Welded / Fabricated / ERW / EFW.

Forms of Pipes : Round Pipe, Square Pipe, Rectangle Pipe.

Size : 1/8” to 48”, Seamless Pipes up to 24”.

Wall Thickness : 0.08mm – 1.5 mm.

Outer Diameter : 0.3mm – 10mm.

Thickness : 0.4mm up to 30.00 mm, Schedules 5, 10S, 10, 30, 40S, 40, 80, 80S, XS, 160, XXH.

Hardness : Soft, Hard, Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard etc.

Surface Finishing : Bright, Polish & Black.

Our Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe, conforms to NACE MR0175/ISO 15156.

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Types of Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Pipes

Duplex Seamless Pipe

Duplex Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes

Oshwin Overaeas is one of the leading Duplex Seamless Pipe Manufacturer in India. Oshwin Overseas is specialized in 2205 Duplex Seamless Pipes as it has better joviality, or roundness, than welded pipes. Duplex 2205 Seamless Pipe is made from a solid round steel ‘billet’ which is heated and pushed or pulled over a form until the steel is shaped into a hollow tube. Duplex Seamless Pipe don’t have a weld seam.

Duplex Seamless Pipe is finished to dimensional and wall thickness specifications in sizes from 1/8 inch to 26 inch OD. In Duplex Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, there are no welding or joints and is manufactured from solid round billets. 2205 Duplex Seamless Pipe is manufactured by extruding the metal to the desired length and does not have any joint in its cross-section through-out its length.

Duplex Welded Pipe

Duplex Stainless Steel Welded Pipes

Duplex Welded Pipe is made by forming flat products (strip, sheet or plate) into the desired shape, in this case, normally round. Once the desired shape has been achieved, a high energy source is used to melt the metal locally at the weld joint. Duplex 2205 Welded Pipe is squeezed together and allowed to solidify, forming a weld bead. The high energy source may be an electric arc, a plasma arc, a laser beam, or even an electron beam.

2205 Duplex Welded Pipes are typically more cost effective than their seamless equivalents. Duplex Stainless Steel Welded Pipes are usually more readily available than seamless. The longer lead time required for seamless pipes can not only make timing problematic, but it also allows more time for the price of the materials to fluctuate.

Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Pipe Forms

GradeTypeUnified Numbering System (UNS)Forgings GradesWerkstoff-nr.EuronormAFNORDIN Standards
2205Standard DuplexS31803 / S32205F51 / F601.4462en 1.4462X2CrNiMoN22-5-3Z2.CND22.05.03din 1.4462

PipeTubeSheet PlateBarFlanges, Fittings, Valves
Seamless PipeWelded PipeSeamless TubeWelded Tube---

2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe · Duplex Pipe Suppliers · Duplex Pipe Manufacturer
Oshwin Overseas is one of the prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe with ASTM A790 and UNS S31803 / UNS S32205. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, Oshwin Overseas is a leading Duplex Pipe Supplier and a well known Duplex Pipe Manufacturer. Oshwin Overseas offers high quality Duplex Pipe in various forms and sizes. Oshwin Overseas deals in all forms of Duplex Pipe. Oshwin Overseas supplies Duplex Pipe in all countries across the globe, as ware house to near to the airport and port for fast delivery. Oshwin Overseas deals in Duplex Pipe at competitive price. A rejection rate of less than one percent has consolidated the claim. The primary reason for this is the priority that we give to complete satisfaction of the customer. We supply and manufacture all forms of Duplex 2205 Pipe and export it globally. Pipes manufactured by us are of high qualtity duplex material and conform to international standards and specifications.
Brand: Oshwin Overseas
Manufacturer: Nippon Sumitomo , Mustu Steel - Japan. Tubacex - Spain, Girnar metals and tubes - India
Model: Seamless Pipes, Welded Pipes
Product ID: OSH - 2205P
Characteristics of Duplex Pipes
  •  High Resistance to uniform corrosion.
  • High Resistance to pitting & crevice corrosion.
  • High Resistance to stress corrosion cracking & corrosion fatigue
  • High mechanical strength
  • High Resistance to abrasion & erosion
  • High Resistance to Fatigue
  • High energy absorption
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Good weld ability with care in thick sections
  • Useful up to 600°F
Applications of Duplex Pipes
  • Chemical Processing Industry – Transport and Storage, pressure vessels, tanks, piping, and heat exchangers.
  • Oil and Gas exploration and processing equipment – piping, tubing, and heat exchangers
  • Marine Industry and Seawater systems – Cargo Tanks for Ships, High chloride environments,
  • FGD / Effluent Scrubber Systems.
  • Paper and Pulp Industry Digesters, Bleaching equipment and Stock-Handling Systems, Chip Pre-steaming vessels.
  • Food Processing Equipment.
  • Flue gas desulfurization / cleaning equipment
  • Rotors, fans, shafts, and press rolls requiring combined strength and corrosion resistance
  • Biofuels Plant, Desalination plants
  • Firewalls and blast walls on offshore platforms
ElementsCarbon (C)Chromium (Cr)Manganese (Mn)Molybdenum (Mo)Nickel (Ni)Nitrogen (N)Phosphorus (P)Silicon (Si)Sulphur (S)Iron / Ferrum (Fe)
UNS S322050.03 max21.0-
UNS S318030.03 max22.0-
Tensile Strength (Mpa) minYield Strength 0.2% Proof (Mpa) minElongation % (% in 50mm) Hardness (Brinell)Hardness Rockwell C
62144825 min293 max31 max
Density (Kg.m-1)7810
Magnetic Permeability<50
Young’s Modulus (N/mm2)190 x 10^3
Specific Heat, 20°C (J.Kg-1.°K-1)400
Specific Electrical Resistance, 20°C (µO.m)0.85
Thermal conductivity, 20°C15
Mean coefficient of thermal expansion11 x 10^-6

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  • Commercial Invoice including HS Code
  • Packing List including number of boxes, net weight, gross weight, Marks & Numbers
  • Certificate of Origin legalized/attested by Chamber of Commerce or Embassy
  • Material Test Certificates as per EN 10204 3.1, EN 10204 3.2
  • Test Certificates certifying NACE MR0103, NACE MR0175


  • Positive Material Identification – PMI Testing
  • Chemical Analysis – Spectro Analysis
  • Mechanical Testing Such as Tensile, Elongation, Reduction of Area
  • Hydrogen-Induced Cracking (HIC) Test, NACE TM0284
  • Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking (SSC), NACE TM 0177


The different ways in which our products are packed are:

  • Shrink-wrapped
  • Wooden Boxes
  • Wooden Pallets
  • Wooden Crates
  • Carton boxes


We mark Duplex 2205 as needed with the most suitable & visible marking techniques. Standard Marking System :-

  • Manufacturer’s Name or Trademark
  • Material Designation
  • Size Designation
  • Rating Designation
  • Melt Designation
  • Marking for Identification

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